Pre View Tour

Pre View Tour
Pre View Tour

'Pre-View Tour' program aspires in preparing the relocating transferee with all the relevant information to make an informed decision about the international assignment in India.
It begins in the assignee's home country with meticulous analysis of the requirements prior to travel to the new host country location.
Upon arrival into the destination city, our relocation support consultant will provide a comprehensive overview of the city, housing, schooling, healthcare,shopping and recreational facilities through face-to-face program delivery.

Every program has a distinctive scope of services which can be customized to the transferee's needs, however, a typical program includes:
  • Presentation of the 'Welcome kit' with a detailed map orientation
  • A brief presentation on Indian culture
  • Overview of pre arrival home country Immigration formalities
  • Overview of housing options
  • Overview of International / Indian Schools
  • Overview of healthcare options
  • Overview of recreational options
  • General outline of the cost of living in the destination city, with an emphasis on every day facilities, like stores, pharmacies, grocery store etc.

This is just an abridged description of our services. For the full details, please don't hesitate to ask